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Autumn '08
Thinking About Baby and You

We at Pureen continue to lead the way in providing new and innovative products that bring comfort and joy to mother, baby and family. We’re really excited to introduce our newest products to you – BPA Free Feeding Bottles, Pureen Maternity Toothpaste, Kid’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste and our new flavors of Kid’s Yogurt Head-To-Toe Wash and Kid’s Yogurt Shampoo.

Autumn '08
Pureen Festival

Pureen was delighted to host The Pureen Festival in Bangkok at The Mall Ngamwongwana from August 14th to 20th. A fun filled week in the Pureen Corner included special programs and games each day for mother and baby, such as Smart Toddy Class, Enjoy Classical Music with the Smartest and Tiniest, and Pureen Photo Contest.

Pureen introduced our new BPA Free feeding bottles – considered the safest for baby. Pureen is the leading innovator in Southeast Asia of the safest products for mom and baby, consistently providing solutions for mom, baby and family.

Pureen also introduced Pureen Maternity Toothpaste – the world’s first toothpaste designed specifically for the special needs of mom while pregnant and following delivery. The safest available formulation, especially helpful for sensitive gums. Pureen is committed to Thinking About Baby and You.

Visit us at The Pureen Corner nearest you to learn more about these exciting new products and The Pureen Family of Brands.

Summer '08
Sharing From The Heart Charity

Pureen is honored to participate in “Sharing Let’s Give By The Heart” at The Crystal Park from July 12th to September 3rd. “Sharing Let’s Give By The Heart” supports Rungsit Babies Home. A highlight of the opening reception for “Sharing Let’s Give By The Heart” was a special celebrity mom and baby fashion show! Pureen donated our new BPA Free Feeding Bottles – considered the absolute safest for baby – to the Rungsit Babies Home.

The public is invited to donate clothes and items to support the special babies at Rungsit Babies Home.

Visit the Pureen Corner nearest you to learn more about Pureen BPA Free feeding bottles, Pureen Maternity Toothpaste and other exciting products in The Pureen Family of Brands.